A year has since passed since I started my blog journey and I feel like it was just yesterday,yes really,last year passed so quickly and not to mention we are almost getting done with the first quarter of this year…Within no time I will be documenting(InshaAllah)the 2nd,3rd,4th,5th blogversary respectively and boy will I be sooo old LoL.

In this world everyone and anyone aiming for success should know different success stories takes different timing…So don’t sulk,however much time it takes for your success story,just stay at it focus till you reach your preferred destination darlings.

I know a lot of us are always disheartened at the pace we gain our reap,trust me I know the feeling,I have been there and am sure anyone with a beating heart and a strong mind feels it too but that shouldn’t put you down at all,because that’s life and what will life be without trials and tribulations?…I guess nothing…I have never appreciated a quote more than this <Good things comes to those who wait>I am not a patient person per se but this quote gets to my inner cords, So whenever i remember it,I try to be optimistic and hopeful no matter the frustrations bearing in mind that more often than not its the frustrated folks that are the real time innovators.So tap in all the negative aspects of your life and converge it into something more fulfilling and while you are at it,Ignore all the Naysayers,the fixed mindsets and everything that really ticks you in a bad way.That my people is what brings about success.

Enough with the nuggets,I hope you got inspired  though ,Lemme get back to the main point,So yaaaay,Its my first year of blogging and so far so good Alhamdulillah. As you all know I started this blog with the sole purpose of encouraging the Muslim ladies that being a Muslimah doesn’t mean you cannot be both elegant & covered.And that is still my purpose,covering up in the right way is the most fulfilling obligation the Creator Has bestowed on us so treasure that fact ladies. To the people out there who sometimes think that our rights as Muslim ladies is being infringed I am here to confirm to you that we are totally cool with it so please be cool with it too.
Without further ado, I appreciate each and everyone of you who have followed and supported me through out this journey,thank you so much.
Happy Anniversary to us.
Love and Love.