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You know how you’re told that Great minds calibrate on the same wavelength…I’m kind of making this up lol or rather on simple terms we are more telepathic if we really pay attention,one idea can be thought by hundreds of people across the globe…And that’s what we call the power of the human mind! And […]


Asalamu Aleikum and Hello guys, I’m hoping your Wednesday is coming along well? And how’s the weather?,As for me I’m in love with this weather,You know why?because rain is involved and I’m an ardent lover of rain!,Makes me feel happy and vulnerable at the same time,don’t know what that means exactly but hey just read […]


A new blog post has been long overdue,I’m sorry for keeping you waiting guys,anyways Asalamu Aleikum and welcome back to my blog. Meanwhile while I was away,nothing drastic happened just been busy here and there and I feel awful that I had to keep you guys pending but Alhamdulillah I’m back now and hopefully InshaAllah […]


  Asalamualeykum Lovelies,Hope y’all basking in the cold *Lol,..Can’t help but say “what’s up with this weather though?!”…Anyways I’ve have finally decided to upload the second bit of the Eid inspired post…its been a long time coming aye?…I had to do that and now?We’ve ?got just a few hours before this blessed month comes to […]


Salaam dolls,hope y’all having fantastic 2016. Yaay great news darlings,i got my own domain now Alhamdulillah,You can now subscribe to my page without asking questions like oh,i cannot see the subscription button or Nas,how do i do it? its simple guys just place your Email address in the subscription box and Voilaa!its done.I guess its […]