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Author: Nasra Nuralain

1 Jun


Asalamualeykum darlings! Yaaaaaaay!!!!Ramadan is next week guys and I am so excited for it's the Holy Month where everything is as blissful as it gets,if it were possible we would all want Ramadan to be everyday, nothing goes wrong in this month, and who wouldn't want a month of blessings on blessings  everyday! I guess no one. Anyways by the end of this month we will be having the icing on the cake guys and that would be EID ( high pitch scream) and for this we have to brace ourselves for the Merrymaking vibes! So with EID just around the corner I wanted to share with you a two part beauty inspiration post! I got to work with two powerful minds Joy Balogun...
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21 May


You say I have pride!Well lemme let you in on a secret,it's pride that's keeping me grounded,it's pride that's has made me who I am today,it's not just a mere pride but a classy-witty pride coupled with dignity and that combination my darling is the best concoction you'll ever make!!! So if knowing what you want makes you have pride then so be it. This world is full of folks who thrive in judging others,ignore them anyway! So darlings back to the main topic of my JUST BEING CANDID MOMENT;Follow through as I list the 5 fundamental factors that we all should try incorporating in our lives. PRIDE-I personally believe that this thing called pride is good,it works for me or so I believe,so...
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18 May


  Asalamualeykum darlings, Hope this cold day is coming along well with you,On my end,my friends for the better part of this week will be sliced lemons,ginger and hot cuppa water for I am battling one helluva flu!!! Anyways today on the blog I am wearing this amazing piece I made a while back,it's by far my go to dress whenever I am torn between clothes,and it never really disappoints.Coupled the dress with a black head scarf and a good pair of heels. Hope you got inspired with the look loves, Love and Love. Dress : Designed by Me Headscarf : Old Heels : BackyardShoeZ Photography by Benazir Nuralain Adow   ...
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4 May


Hello there lovelies and Asalamualeykum,am so sorry I went silent on you guys i have been dealing with family issues for the past 3 months ,Alhamdulillah(Thank GOD) its all settled now and you'll be seeing more of me on this page InshaAllah, I missed you all and am so happy to be back,and i really appreciate all the people who checked up on me,i cannot thank you enough.xx How do you guys find this rather unpredictable weather though?...
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22 Feb


Salaam hunnies,hope y'all having a fantastic day.By now you all know i am sucker for anything cute and modest,so when i saw this piece at wambuimukenyi i couldnt concentrate till i had it in my closet and here we are today. One thing i love about overcoats is its versatility,you can wear it both  officially and casually and still maintain the elegance.I decided to wear it on top of a black Abaya aka Buibui [You can also wear it with a normal plain dress] ,a black headscarf and a pair of navy blue heels completed the look Hope your inspired with the look darlings. Love and Love xx       Overcoat : Wambui Mukenyi Abaya :My closet scarf : Eastleigh Heels :Backyard Shoes Accessories :Gabriel...
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25 Jan


Salaam dolls,hope y'all having fantastic 2016. Yaay great news darlings,i got my own domain now Alhamdulillah,You can now subscribe to my page without asking questions like oh,i cannot see the subscription button or Nas,how do i do it? its simple guys just place your Email address in the subscription box and Voilaa!its done.I guess its suffice to say "so far so good with this year".Super excited to share with you the new things i have in store for you InshaALLAH. Moving on swiftly,on today's post,I am wearing a sheer panelled high-waist skirt that i made after i saw it on Lucia Musau,yes dolls Lucia Musau the blogger,check out how she rocked it here http://luciamusau.com/2015/10/08/mellow-yellow/ she looks great, right? So now you understand...
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