6S2A9576You know how you’re told that Great minds calibrate on the same wavelength…I’m kind of making this up lol or rather on simple terms we are more telepathic if we really pay attention,one idea can be thought by hundreds of people across the globe…And that’s what we call the power of the human mind!
And now, You’re thinking what has all that got to do with You and this post ? What are you getting at Nasra ?
Well guys remember when I talked about how mobile phones is slowly disconnecting us from reality on a post I did a week back,guess what ? A famous Blogger and a writer that I love so much,Mark Manson just wrote a similar thing about how these gadgets are too annoying for life.
You probably have heard me mention his name here before when I was busy talking about his famous book “The subtle art of not giving a duck!” Bear in mind Duck here is a typo that came in handy as the Bleep sound! So Mazel tov,you unconsciously decoded it. Lets just conclude that the book is nothing short of an eye opener!
I’m assuming you now believe in folks sharing opinions and ideas telepathically across continents…And now I sound like those geeky loons on sci-fi movies,don’t I ? Anyways Marks’ brain is goals,man!Let’s ignore how creepy that last part sounds by simply rephrasing it to this I just love how refreshing his thoughts are!
Here’s the link to what he had to say about Smart phones I’m hoping you’ll learn a few things from him…In addition to that here’s a quote that is somewhat creepy since its prediction a century ago by historical genius Albert Einstein when he said “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.The world will have a generation of idiots” Mmmmh,who else got Jabbed by Einsteins sentiments,It got me thinking,am I really an idiot? Truth is, we all are …We are smart phones slaves! Mark really said everything that I forgot to say on my previous post…So check that link out and thank me later.
Ps: I recommend you listen to Marks’ Audio note instead of reading it through,He is downright hilarious!
Now back to the final Flower print series,I sincerely loved every ounce of this series,Alhamdulillah and I hope you loved it too.I can’t really believe I have had this dress for two years now,the fabric at the time was just the mundane type then I discovered how gorgeous it looked after a few months…Yes we all have that one thing that you never regard it as much then you realize its beauty sometime later, right?
I believe I have talked much than I should have so I will now let you do what you came here to do, check out the dress and simmer in the beauty it beholds,6S2A96176S2A95866S2A96186S2A96296S2A9604On a Side note- Something else is brewing,I’m thinking of doing some traditional attire series,InshaAllah hopefully after Ramadan!
Now to Ramadan I’m hoping your Ramadan is filled with lots of Ibadah,joy and happiness to you and your families,darlings,May we all be the beneficiaries of this holy month,Ameen,InshaAllah kheir .
I hope you got inspired darlings,leave your comments down below if you loved this.
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Love and Love


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