6S2A9940AsalamuAleikum darlings,I’m hoping you guys are ready for this holy month…I’m personally thrilled for it.
Speaking of Ramadan,then we all know this month not only entails a lot of Ibadah i.e. prayers but Sadaqa as well i.e charity.I’m reminding you to not forget the less fortunate in this holy month,give out anything you can afford from clothing,food and money and InshaAllah,you’ll be immensely rewarded for it. I’m assuming all of you guys follow me on my Instagram and if not then here’s a link to my Instagram handle shared a Ramadan poster on my Insta stories on how you can contribute to the less fortunate this Ramadan,kindly go check it out,thank you.
For this post I won’t talk much,I’m wearing this fine skirt that I literally borrowed on the day of the photo shoot when I saw my good friend having it on and since I was on a flowery-print kind of spree,I decided to add it on the series…and here we are!
Paired the skirt with a white turtleneck, a black headscarf and I was ready for the world.
I Realized you don’t really need much to look all dressed up…less actually works!
Without further ado I’ll let you enjoy the rest of the day.6S2A99616S2A99476S2A99406S2A99376S2A99916S2A9983
Thank you for stopping by,
Love and Love.


  1. Master piece indeed, love the creativity of working with prints but still keeping it minimal… Great job nasraaa

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