??So Instagram has been rated the most self-loathing app yet again! Well,while a lot of you may think this is just another uncalled for accusation,I’m here to inform you that this indeed could be true.
Ask yourself how many times you have tried to compare your life to what you see online? How you ask yourself why you didn’t get that amazing job that makes you travel a lot ?like so and so ? How many times have you seen your friends in fancy restaurants making you wish, you had half the money they have to be in such a place ?
The countless times you’ve envied the “fitness freaks” who somehow have their dream bodies all figured out (lol) and you can’t help but think why you have pathetic eating habits that makes you detest your own body every single day.
Slowly, without you realizing you’ve changed to be one self-loathing ungrateful depressed brat who is angry most of the times! Angry at all the little things you think you’re missing out on, angry at life, angry at every person that you think is more fortunate than you are ,Of course you are basing all this on the simple fact that is “social media”…How petty is that?
So when Huff post (A well known news website) pointed out and I quote “Social media is a black hole for comparison and consumerism” I automatically agreed! Lately I’ve been finding myself consumed with all the scrolling,liking,commenting on everything that I’m seeing on social media. I find myself not concentrating on anything ?without first keeping up with all the trending topics on twitter ,All the cute pictures on Instagram and not forgetting what “my friends” on snap chat are up to!
I’m telling you darlings, all this is not only time consuming but tiring as well! I’m tired of taking my phone everywhere and by everywhere, I’m shamelessly Including the toilet (lol). I’m sorry I didn’t mean to gross you out but ?that’s just my ‘keep up with the latest trends lone safe haven’ most of the time.Don’t judge me!
Besides I can guarantee you this, we live in a century where we are more intimate with our phones than all the real tangible relationships in our lives and that my darlings sucks!
It sucks that we can’t hold a conversation fully without fidgeting with our smart phones! It’s sad that we attach so much feelings on a simple gadget forgetting how It’s completely detaching us from reality.But oh well, we need it to fulfill us,make us whole,right? And this right here,passes on as the major Irony of the 21st century.
I digressed so much, didn’t I ? Sorry I get carried away when am passionate about something.
So yes when I saw the post I knew that I needed to talk about it, tell all the ladies and gentlemen out there that this “virtual life” that is social media is a lie and the sooner we realize that the better it would be for our hearts, We won’t be having these trivial jealousy/heartaches that’s embedded with this thing called the Internet.
Our bodies will be zen-like,nothing to worry our young minds, relationships will be built on trust and love and not just guided by fame,Our spiritual life will more than please us, our mental being will be so relaxed.Consequently we will be elevated from all these unworthy worries that life throws at us. We will be liberated folks!
So challenge yourself and try as much as possible to enjoy your surroundings more than you enjoy your phone.
check it out ?and I hope you got inspired.
Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed the read,Xx.
Love and Love.


  1. Very true..the virtual life is just that..let’s not get caught up with the online world. Let’s build real relationships.

  2. So much truth in this piece. Slowly and slowly our lives are being consumed by the digital world and the effects are devastating. Nice read Nasra

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