Hello darlings, Yes it?s been ages since my last update and am really sorry for that, something serious came up and I just had to drop everything else and concentrate on that particular issue first, glad I have sort it out though and hopefully I won?t disappear on you guys again *kisses

So for this couple of months I have been one hell of an impulse buyer, yes I have slightly leaned out from occasionally designing my own outfit to actually buying cute stuff that I see anywhere whether thrift, online or on the streets and dammit, it just feels nice to just buy a cloth and absolutely look fabulous in it, must admit it has been quite a while!

So to cut a long story short I bought this green poncho the other day? and I absolutely loved it. Its way comfortable and I fell for it the moment I just saw how huge it was (what can I say, am a sucker for baggy stuff!) so I decided to wear it with a black maxi dress that just turned out to be a body-con dress on me *LOL and to be honest the poncho covered me perfectly and nothing was showing and by nothing I mean nothiiiing literally was showing, yes no one could even tell the dress was too tight! *blushblush .I paired the look with cute nude heels and a black scarf and I was ready to step out and face the world.


I guess by now we can see that fashion and looking awesome is in you, you call all the shots, who would have thought that wearing this will look this great,Anyways in short all am saying is you can do everything and anything in your power when it comes to clothing, you want to cover up or you want to show some skin it all depends on you or whatever tickles your fancy.

Thank you for stopping by and Jumu?ah karim

Scarf: Old

Dress: Gift

Poncho: Vivo Active Wear

Shoes: Backyard Shoes


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