6S2A9797Asalam-U-Aleikum darlings,I’ve been binge reading lately on anything that’s worth my attention from online articles to magazines,all this in order to bring my reading culture zeal back.I’ve got 5 more books that’s waiting on the line.?At the moment I’m slowly immersing my soul into one incredible book by John Grisham that goes by the title “The Racketeer”.

This guy,Grisham…Just knows how to perfect the art of suspense.His name also gives me nostalgic memories of when I was in primary school where I’ll ?lock myself in the ?school library just to binge read on all his Fiction/Crime Novels.
Books make me happy,You won’t believe this but sometimes I just buy them only to read it six months later,why do I do this,you may ask ? It’s simple, I’m actually one weird person who picks up a 500 pages book and tries finishing it in a day…See? It makes me seem priority less while I’m supposed to be busy ‘Adulting’.
And so that explains why I can’t really go ham on books ’cause I’m either one of these two,too lazy to multi task or too intimately attached.Now enough with the ‘book rants’ I’m hoping you’ve all been good.In my previous post I remember telling you about how I’ve been obsessed with flower print fabrics.This time the obsession bore this outfit that’s featuring in this post.
I got this fabric a couple of months back.It is is to die for,I specifically designed it in such a way that the flower print could be seen in specific parts of the dress, from the arms,to the waistline as it effortlessly drops down to the lower body…Trust me it was really hectic to achieve this but again I believe creativity is a necessary art that brings any design in mind into life.I’m hoping you guys love it as much as I do.Also I suggest you keep your eyes peeled for more of this flowered print dresses,plenty of it lined up for you.
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Love and Love
Dress by @the_nuralains on Instagram
Scarf from Eastleigh
Shoes from Backyard shoes on Instagram


    1. Awww thank you Darmi,you’re by far the person who makes me wanna write more and give the world my best shot,thank you for being my reader since day one ?

  1. The location and colour its fit you.. You going to be better and super brand inshaAllah.. Keep it up my sister and looking forward…

  2. Heeeeeh that colour looks so good on you honey…

    …and the design is perfect, I HEART IT.

    That location *looks familiar

  3. That place is really cool for photos, I’m impressed.

    The lighting, the shades in there is pretty and prettier on you!

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