EA9A0572I decided to call this post ‘Black orchid? because it has an uncanny resemblance to the flower black orchid…just try checking out black orchid images and you’ll know what I’m talking about.Anyways If you guys follow me on all my other social media handles then you know early this month I landed a major interview with KTN News (Weekend express ) in regards to blogging,modest wear and our upcoming business venture that is still yet on the docks.So yes Alhamdulillah Interview went great,Although I was pretty pretty nervous but again that’s normal…It happens,right?especially when the entire nation is watching you pitch out your ideas and reasons behind everything you are doing.
I wore this outfit for the interview,a little back story to this outfit wouldn’t hurt anyone,right? Of late I’ve been obsessing over fabrics that have flowers imprinted on it so when I came across this particular one I was over the moon guys, and that explains why I had to take it home, If you are a keen reader of my blog then you know that I’m a fabric-collector (lol) I see something worth buying and I get it no matter what the situation is.
So I went with a simple design and added a box pleat which makes any dress [If It’s the right fabric i.e] flattering on the body ,You might not see it but it has high collar which is also very comfortable.Finished the look with this amazing pair of heels that I stole from my sister Benazir (She’s actually complaining as I write this,lol) Let’s just say that’s one of the perks of being an older sister,yaaay.EA9A0572EA9A0569EA9A0562EA9A0535EA9A0533EA9A0528EA9A0530Thanks loves for reading and I hope you get inspired with this look.
DRESS BY @the_nuralains ON INSTAGRAM


  1. ? can I have the dress back now ?, congrats on the interview with ktn Nasra ?it’s high time for Kenyan modest blogger to get appreciated…..?

  2. Amazing babe! I am in love with that dress. This is what I want for my ‘thing’
    And congratulations on the interview my love. Cheers to greater achievements Pookie. So proud of you. ????

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