6S2A3233AsalamuAleikum darlings,I’m so sorry for keeping you waiting on my final free size Abaya haul,but worry not it’s here already (Lol).I don’t have much to say today other than tell you tomorrow is my Birthday (yaaaaaaay) Alhamdulillah and I’m grateful to the Almighty for everything He has showered me with ever since I graced this planet.Without further ado let’s check out the pictures down below and hopefully you got inspired with the entire Abaya series and you can now rock a free size Abaya all day everyday.Check out my previous posts if you are new to the site,thank you.6S2A32206S2A32126S2A32146S2A32736S2A32456S2A3238Hope you’ve been inspired and Love you guys

Photography by @mohabig on Instagram

Make up by @i_and_jmakeup on Instagram

Heels from @backyardshoes on Instagram


  1. Its such a nice MashaAllah…. Am pray for you and i know one day you will become to a big designer inshaAllah… You are the STAR.

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