Hello darlings, so today on the blog I decided to wear denniiiimmm! God, wish you all knew how much I have been dreaming of having a nice modest denim look. So one day,am just walking by looking for a nice fabric for my next outfit and behold! I see this beautiful sky blue linen fabric (forgive me for this, but I can?t help but say denimish in color) and I automatically knew that, that?s my next outfit!
Yea I was so excited and the design-freak in me decided I must have it and that?s how I came up with this look.

With gathers from the waist the dress is simple,embellished with buttons interwoven onto the front of the dress.
I paired the dress with a sky blue scarf and the result was super amaaaazing! And am sure you can concur with me after of course checking it out.
Hope I inspired some of you with the look.

DSC_2631 DSC_2680 DSC_2698 DSC_2684 nasnass DSC_2631
Thank you for stopping by? darlings /xoxo.

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Photography by Benazir Adow

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