6S2A3202Hello there darlings and AsalamuAleikum,hope y’all having a great week,thank you for the well wishes on my previous post,Alhamdulillah I’m getting better. Yaaaaay tomorrow is World Hijab day guys! And I can’t help but be happy,I’m dedicating this day to all the strong Hijabis out there,who no matter what they go through on a daily basis decide to put on their hijabs,from the terrorism stereotyping,to the stares we get whenever we enter a room or board a public service utility , to the countless times I’ve personally been told that “All Muslims are terrorists” in my face, is so damn sad and despicable.The fact that not many people understand us,let alone understand what significance the little piece of cloth we tie around our heads holds or stands for is utterly disheartening.I don’t blame all the Non-Muslims who blatantly tell us “but you guys propagate war on us,why would you expect us to believe that Islam is a religion of peace?” I totally understand their point and most times I end up having an impromptu class on matters concerning Islam to them,In a very logical manner I try to reiterate everything as a teacher explains to a kindergarten baby.I don’t believe I change their minds totally but I’m sure when I’m done with my explanations they leave there knowing that Terror can be perpetrated by anyone anywhere and that you don’t need to wear the hijab or wear a Kanzu(the white attire most Muslim men wear) to go blow up a place? I remember this one time I entered an elevator and folks literally walked out of the elevator!It was pretty evident they were scared so I just smiled and laughed and went ahead with my business as usual like nothing happened, that’s how hardcore this world has turned us to be!Where you see something that’s really NOT RIGHT but you know you can’t do nothing other than smile or laugh your head out, because if you try to be logical then insults will be hailed at you and this time It will be more hurtful than them walking out on you as a world class pariah.So here’s a toast to all the beautiful strong hijabi ladies out there,be strong and don’t just give up on your belief,try showing the rest of the world what the hijab is made of,teach them that this ‘tiny piece of clothing’ on our heads is a crown that’s never to be put down,It’s more than our confidence and personality combined,It is our way of life and nothing else can sustain us other than it.So darlings this is to many more years of the Hijab Slay .
Hoping you’ve been inspired to never give up on it.Happy happy World Hijab Day Queens.6S2A31766S2A31966S2A3167 (1)6S2A3164PHOTOGRAPHY BY MOHABIG (@MOHABIG ON INSTAGRAM)


  1. Happy World Hijab Day to you too sweetheart. Loved the article (don’t know why you aren’t in journalism!) keep it up, the struggle is long and real, but we will not give up!

    1. Aww thanks so much for your comment Love,really appreciate it,About journalism I’ll be coming back to the industry pretty soon InshaAllah?.Thanks again ??

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