dsc_0324-iloveimg-convertedAsalamu Aleikum and Hello guys,
I’m hoping your Wednesday is coming along well?
And how’s the weather?,As for me I’m in love with this weather,You know why?because rain is involved and I’m an ardent lover of rain!,Makes me feel happy and vulnerable at the same time,don’t know what that means exactly but hey just read it and carry on.Oh yea,I think I mentioned this on my Instagram handle,therefore making this information a bit redundant but what are you gonna loose if you read it again,I guess nothing!Anyways moving on to something else,So lately I’ve gone back to my reading culture,my latest read was by one Mark Manson,damn,I love his thoughts,among his books(articles) is The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A ?F*%#!
This book is hilarious and this guy just knows not how to mince words.Do I like him? Yes guys I love him.
He’s by far the best author I’ve liked after James Patterson…wait a minute guys!,Trevor Noah just released his new book Born a Crime,yes I kind of have a teeny weeny crush on this guy and that book of his is a must read.So I was wondering when I’m gonna get myself a copy,and Bam! A wonder lust buddy of mine already bought one,so i think I’ll just commandeer it!I cannot wait for him to get back into the country though(He’s probably reading this too and thinking,damn!she is such an opportunist,she just wants Trevor’s book)Relax ?buddy, I totally missed you man,it’s not about the book only you know *wink.Anyways Back to the subtle art of not giving a F#&#,I’ll do a piece on it on my series of Just being candid guys,I’ll try elaborating more on the article.Now let’s get into business,,shall we ? and see this amazing mash up that my sister Benazir aka my photographer came up with ,she’s a genius,ain’t she! She also has a YouTube channel,You can search Benazir Nural-ain,watch and subscribe.The flower print in this dress simply gives you life and so when we saw it We immediately fell in love with it!And Benazir had plans for it,so she decided to just make it a simple dress and then make a lace crop top for it,she went for a navy blue lace fabric since the dress had navy blue in it,the crop top came out just right,but we needed it to be more eye-candy so she decided to add buttons at the back of the crop top to act as a statement piece.And Damn the result,Erm!,let’s just saying amazing for this ensemble is such an understatement! So again I borrowed her dress(Erm ,actually I took it,lets just say one of the perks of being an older sister)and she had no choice but to take pictures. Also in the pictures you’ll see her wearing it too! She looks uber sophisticated I must admit.So that’s it for today guys,let’s scroll down to the pictures.

Photography -Benazir Nuralain Adow

Location – Sentrim Elementaita Lodge

Dress-The Nuralains’ Collection,Scarf-Olddsc_0320-iloveimg-converteddsc_0315-iloveimg-converteddsc_0313-iloveimg-converteddsc_0312-iloveimg-converteddsc_0311-iloveimg-converteddsc_0329-iloveimg-converteddsc_0341-iloveimg-convertedThe buttons add more sophistication to the lace?dsc_0343-iloveimg-convertedYou can choose to wear the dress without the crop top
dsc_0346-iloveimg-converteddsc_0349-iloveimg-convertedHere’s the brains behind the design and the photography,ain’t she adorable ?dsc_0539-iloveimg-convertedWhat will a dress be without pockets?
dsc_0541-iloveimg-converteddsc_0542-iloveimg-convertedPlease subscribe,like,share and don’t forget to leave a comment if you like what you see,thank you.

Love and Love,


  1. Yaaas honey! Slaying per usual. I especially love the lace crop top. I need to have a couple of the Nuralains pieces. I can be your marketing officer in Laikipia county 😉 😉
    You and Bena killed it!!!

  2. Wow! Nasraaaaaaa….
    Makes the eyes so happy, I looooooove the look.
    And that book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*%#,
    everybody should read it.

  3. Hahaha! Well looky here. If I had to wear a dress for one day but never to be seen again cz there will be no pictures of that, it will be one of yours. I believe someone just got a new read.

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