A new blog post has been long overdue,I’m sorry for keeping you waiting guys,anyways Asalamu Aleikum and welcome back to my blog.

Meanwhile while I was away,nothing drastic happened just been busy here and there and I feel awful that I had to keep you guys pending but Alhamdulillah I’m back now and hopefully InshaAllah you’ll be seeing more of Nasra.

Today on the blog I’m featuring this amazing Royal blue Lacey dress with a cream lining beneath,this dress belongs to my sister Benazir,if you follow me on snap-chat and Instagram then you probably know this is the dress she wore on the launch of Nairobi Modest Fashion week held by Almuslimah magazine early October .

Lately I have been literally having dreams about laces and how amazing a fabric it is,especially if you find the right color with the right lace pattern,and that’s how we ended up making lace dresses,my first showcase was seen on the Couture Africa magazine September issue.Yes guys this year has been amazing to me,Alhamdulillah! Got my first Magazine feature and I’m truly and sincerely humbled.

So after the feature I wanted more of lace in my closet and that’s how we ended up with this combo.And I honestly did not expect the outcome to be this stunning,many of you know me as a risk taker but this kinder risk wasn’t me but Again I needed to put into life the design I envisioned for the fabric so I just had to do it and deal with the repercussions later,so turns out it came out nothing short of amazing.

Honey boos’ sometimes we need to just take the risk and wait for the outcome whether good or bad,trust me the jitters you get while waiting is so worthwhile.Well,I know that’s some funny way of thinking but trust me it kinder feels good getting the jitters *wink.

Before my busy mind digresses again lemme just finish on the outfit,I paired the dress with a blue scarf that’s got maroon embroidery embedded on it and the combination was out of this world,finished the look with studded nude heels from Backyard shoes and Khalas! everything else just fell into place.

Now lemme shut up and let you simmer in all the awesomeness.

dsc_0168-2Photography -by Benazir Nuralain Adow

Location-Sentrim Elementaita Lodge



Heels- dsc_0165Then the Jacuzzi happened,and the photos turned out just right!
dsc_0223See how amazing the dress floats?dsc_0225dsc_0232-2Thanks guys for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe,comment telling me what you think of the whole outfit,and yes share,share and share it.

Love and Love



  1. Failure will never overtake you if your determination to succeed is strong enough. Go on gal koz you are such an inspiration to many. #DreamChaser

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