Asalamualeykum lovelies?Hope your tuesday is coming along well. Today?s outfit post consists of these gorgeous combo that i made exactly one year ago.A little history may suffice i guess,the first time i saw this coral fabric sometime late last year i got mixed signals didn?t know if what i had in mind will come out exactly as i wanted but my risk taking character kicked in,so i bought the fabric and before i could actually change my darn mind?it was done!?a classical masterpiece skirt was born!

And in order to rock this skirt ,i had to look for its classical blouse LOL and my search for a fabric again began,came across this thick elastic black and white stripped fabric and i immediately knew this was it,bought it and a day later i had both pieces in my closet and yaaas i have been wearing them ever since.

Enough with the history lesson,lets get down to business;the blouse is a turtleneck(though you can?t really see it cause of my scarf,made it that way incase i ever want to wear a turban).The arms are a little fluffy with an elastic band on the wrist,this gave the blouse a more dashing look i presume.





The skirt has pleats on both sides,ohh yea!i looove love pleats,i guess its ?cause they make me more comfortable while wearing them.Anyways,i personally think pleats and gathers on an outfit makes it more conservative and modest..But hey,thats just my opinion.

I paired the look with an off white scarf/hijab and this extremely gorgeous pair of my studded plimsolls, yes loves,i needed the look to be more casual and this number just transformed the whole look to be sporty and comfortable,i could literally run all types of errands with this outfit..So far this is my Go-to attire when running up and down this otherwise ever busy life.

Anyways hope your inspired loves,dont forget to leave your comments down below and Subscribe #xoxo

Love and Love

Scarf :Eastleigh

Skirt :iammyowndesign tailored

Blouse :iammyowndesign tailored

Studded plimsolls?: Thrift.



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