You say I have pride!Well lemme let you in on a secret,it’s pride that’s keeping me grounded,it’s pride that’s has made me who I am today,it’s not just a mere pride but a classy-witty pride coupled with dignity and that combination my darling is the best concoction you’ll ever make!!!
So if knowing what you want makes you have pride then so be it.

This world is full of folks who thrive in judging others,ignore them anyway!
So darlings back to the main topic of my JUST BEING CANDID MOMENT;Follow through as I list the 5 fundamental factors that we all should try incorporating in our lives.

PRIDE-I personally believe that this thing called pride is good,it works for me or so I believe,so everyone of you should at least have some level of pride In them and I am not saying have pride and look down upon others by constantly patronizing and belittling them instead have pride that’s rather guided by your need than your want,have pride that’s gonna keep you on your lane and not something that will follow your hearts desire,we all know how unreasonable our hearts can be most times so ground yourself with this thing called pride and trust me you’ll avoid most of the bad things in life.
However this is not a given it will work for everyone,so if you find it a burden for you then I suggest you find something else that grounds you and stick by that thing.

PATIENCE-A lot of times things don’t go according to your plan so do not despair just pray about it,be calm and pray you have the patience to withstand it,Patience is a virtue my people and not everyone has it but you can try instilling it in your life,believe me it’s pretty hard,I am also struggling with this thing called patience, So instead of lamenting so and so did this to you or something didn’t happen the way you wanted it,just relax and believe something better than what passed you is coming your way.Trust me that belief lessens the agony by a thousand folds.

APOLOGIES-The number one hardest thing for most people,some just don’t see the need of apologizing,others are just too proud to admit to their mistakes and the rest think saying sorry is stupid and it will make them feel stupid.Well guys it’s hard to apologize and different people have different ways of showing their sincere remorse but again as much as it is so hard to apologize just try looking for easier ways of at least saying sorry,Wether as a text or just deciding to just write a letter and sliding it under someone’s door,..That small gesture my darling,goes along mile and even if the mistake was greater than you can imagine you may just earn forgiveness,apology can move mountains.And a lot of folks think apology is just the word “Sorry”,half of them don’t even understand why they are apologizing while the other half just do it because they think that the five letter magic word (sorry) carries some sort of wand that will immediately make the situation disappear! Am sorry folks but that bubble needs to be busted!Apology works better with an explanation,the least you could do is at least try and explain what prompted your behavior.Apology without an explanation is like a joke and 70% of the time the offended person won’t be too open to forgiveness,So learn to earn the forgiveness by a sincere apology…that’s life,everything must be earned accordingly.
And now a lot of you guys are thinking “Nasra you take life so serious! But it’s true life is serious and we need to be serious if we all want to live as one happy family on this planet?.

GRATITUDE-This is something most people take for granted,showing gratitude for each and everything bestowed on you.The constant people in your life who make life worthwhile,who make you smile when you are sad and who pull you up when you are down,you should learn to appreciate them every single day,and also not forgetting the CREATOR,always show gratitude for all the little things that you have and don’t have or all the things you wanted and you never got,God has a reason why HE did not put that thing in your life.So thank HIM no matter the outcome.

PROMISES AND LIES -I’ve decided to put these two words together because they go hand in hand.When promises are broken then the person who made the promise gets off as one big fat lier,I know I know that kinder sounds harsh but it’s true,otherwise why would you not fulfill your word if you are not a lier..*thinks out loud.
And I know sometimes or most times people say things for the moment or just to please someone,it’s okay please them but don’t say you’ll do something and not actually do it,because if you either forget or go against it then you’ll be labelled as a lier who doesn’t keep his/her word and that my darling wouldn’t be so good a picture.
Personally I don’t say things I don’t mean,and I’ve learned to avoid saying things which I know I wouldn’t be able to fulfill,start small,start with the random conversations you have with your close pals,don’t include things just for the sake of saying things,say it because you mean it.Once you learn that then you are all set and you wouldn’t be called a lier for not keeping your word.

Hope you got inspired loves and that you learnt a thing or two from this!.A big sorry if I bored any of you,my creative juices just go wild sometimes or most times LoL.

Thank you for reading.

Love and Love.xx


  1. I love it boo! You’ve really challenged me especially on being Patient and having gratitude. On that very note id like to thank you for being a true and constant friend. Words cant really express how I feel for you pookie. Love love love ???

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