Hey guys, So I didn’t get to have a bomb ass acceptance speech at the Somali glamour awards for obvious reasons – I did not expect to win!

Anyways in case you did not know I bagged the Female Fashion blogger of the year and I am still reeling with excitement. This being my first award since I started this journey Alhamdulillah. Yes! It’s been 3 years and I finally feel validated for all the hard-work, sweat and tears I put in. It’s been a real and adventurous journey and I’m honestly excited for what’s to come In Shaa Allah.

With that said, I had a shoddy acceptance speech and I’m here to amend it. Here’s what I ought to have said, “I take this award on behalf of everyone who liked, loved, believed and most definitely voted for me. To anyone who took their sweet time to DM me with encouragement and the numerous screenshots of the voting process, thank you so much, I say this with deep sincerity, I appreciate you all.”  That sounds well thought out but not really topnotch, but we can live with that now, can we?

Plenty of room to amend it for the next coming awards, hah! In Shaa Allah.

Message to anyone who’s aspiring to go after their passion, be consistent, do what you love with so much love and enthusiasm and I promise you it’ll pay off. I am not where I want to be yet, but this is just the beginning and I am hoping for the best, so don’t despair if things are going slow, sometimes great art work takes time so please be patient.

And finally, I will shout this out to anyone who’s not courageous enough to believe in themselves, I’ll tell this to anyone who’s aspiring to be a blogger, or a fashion designer heck let’s just say anything you ever wanted to be. Be proud of where you are now, where you’re going and be patient for the outcome for when it comes, it comes with a bang and no knock. You can do it and you will do it!

Thank you to the facilitators at the Somali glamour awards, I commend your good job. To many more In shaa Allah!

Thanks for stopping by darlings,

Love and Light.



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