Hey loves,

First of all thank you so much for commenting and sharing your stories on my last post, I am still receiving your messages and I realize a lot of us are going through similar phases in this life.
Instinctively we’ve learnt to train our minds into ignoring ‘Our minds cry of help’ and in so doing we end up losing ourselves.
I’m just so glad that I got to impact a lot of you in sharing my truth and to anyone going through something now, know this, you’re not alone and you’ll definitely get through this, I promise.
Secondly today on the blog I’m showcasing this cute number that I wore for a newspaper shoot I did a couple of months ago with Silvia Njoki.
I didn’t tell you guys because I was in that ‘weird phase’ I was in LoL.
Anyways here it is now and I’m finally showing it to you guys.
There’s something with the color mustard that just drives me insane I guess it has a lot to do with bringing an aura of happiness and a sense of optimism when one sees it and so when I came across this fabric I was over the moon. I knew I had to bag it home.
Super versatile if you ask me, although most people shy away from color often but I promise with this color, you would be able to rock it without worry.
Can be worn to any high end fashion event or just some simple casual evening out.
I love it. Only piece in my wardrobe that I’ve over worn haha
Paired it with some bomb heels and I was ready to conquer the universe.
Not feeling wordy today so I’ll leave it here,
I’m hoping you love it as much as I did.
Thanks for stopping by, leave your thoughts if you like what you see,


  1. I am among the people who shy away from colors! But after seeing i might start embracing my love for colors by wearing it 🌹

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