So a couple of months ago I worked with one hell of a creative make up artist Valerie Mdeizi otherwise known as @mdeizi on Instagram to showcase my current fave Lipsticks!

Too much pizazz for just mere lipsticks you may think, but hey I needed it to be extraordinary.

I cannot call myself a make up fanatic but I awe to what make up can really do to one?s self esteem, feel low and apply Kajal and/or Lipstick and your mood gets uplifted,not to exaggerate but you can actually feel your emotions rising up by just the mere addition of one or the other.

In my opinion I had the perfect dream team working on this project. I had 3 amazing photographers working tirelessly to bring to life my vision and Valerie of course,the shoot took close to 6 hours and we were dead beat after that.

The first look we went for is a nude pink liquid lipstick from color pop in sting raye. Well, let?s just say I love color pop and this shade is literally life. If you happen to bump into me walking down the streets of Nairobi ,then you?ll probably notice me wearing this color. It is my go to lipstick at the moment.
How did we want the look to come to life ? Simple, I was wearing this colorful peach hijab with beautiful flowers imprinted on it, Mdeizi then recreated the flowers on my face…amazing, right?? Not to mention the amount of sitting I had to make for that one.? It was worth it!





The second look was more tribal and we went for a darker lippie in the shade Embellish,to be honest I love this color but I don?t often put it on,I prefer wearing it in Limbo which is the brown shade,again you?ve probably seen me with it so many times.
With this look,a simple turban sufficed, coupled it with a checkered top, some nitty-gritty art on my face and the whole look basically turned out like a scene from ?Wakanda? .




The third look is my favorite,only because I tried something new with it,ever tried a denim shirt as a turban ? Well,that?s what I did and guess what? It turned out so great,I couldn?t believe I did it myself. So with this look,we decided to go for a light shade purple Lippie from Gerard cosmetics in the color gravity. It matched up so well,from the denim turban,to the top,to the face art! Everything was just magical.







This was by far one of the best highlights of 2017, I loved every bit of it and I can?t wait to try out another ?crazy out of my comfort zone? project soon.

With that said,thank you for stopping by,do comment if you liked it!
Have a blessed week Darlings.


Lipsticks Used
Lipstick 1 -?Color pop (Sting Raye)
Lipstick 2 – Color pop (Embellish)
Lipstick 3 -? Gerard cosmetics Gravity

Love and light.


  1. ok…woooowww….kumbe tulikuwa tunafichwa zingine hukuuu….how come I didn’t see this one…wueehhhh…mashaallah mashaallah 👌👌

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