Uhm,so how do I start this ?

I legit think a lot – I am a thinker !
I won’t lie,this trait most times takes a major toll on me.
Hell even depresses me,makes me think of all the worst possible scenarios that could happen in a certain situation- Yes I am a certified pessimist.

I guess no one’s really perfect,I am far from being perfect,I make mistakes every single day,so never let my online presence fool you darlings! Or anyone else’s for that matter

More like folks have split personalities,there’s the happy online version where everything positive is showcased and the other hidden side of the coin that’s hardly shown.

We humans have a way of always showing the good side of things,and for what ? Vanity? maybe ? Or is it the mere satisfaction and attention it grants us? No one really knows ! We just do.

One thing I have learnt is we can never be fully satisfied,there’s always going to be something out there that we require! Something that really desires our attention.Our sense of need is never fully quenched and that is why it’s suffice to call us the ‘The generation of wants’.
We just never get satisfied no matter what we have…that feeling is both appalling and downright degrading if you really think about it.
It makes us an ungrateful lot…don’t get me wrong,I am not trying to be all preachy and all but we all tend to forget too fast too soon.Our greed is what often leads to misery and depression.

And what leads to this feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction you may ask ? It’s simple! The mind.

You’ve heard numerous times that the mind is a powerful tool.I know I’ve heard this from various sources and guess what ? I ignored it,I always did! Because I thought I knew better.

So this year has been one of those years of realization,It’s the year I realized the mind is indeed a powerful tool,It literally controls everything that happens in your body and soul.

We often beat ourselves for all the failings that we’ve endured forgetting all the major strides we took prior to the failings.

“Not really hoping for the absolute best is less shattering once you fail” says every pessimist out there.
You can say it’s human nature -to always focus on the negative aspect of anything.It kind of calms us down.
Truth is,In however much it makes us not expect good things it also prevents good things from happening if at all they were to happen.

And that’s when you realize your attitude and demeanor towards certain situations really is paramount in achieving some of the goals you’ve set out for yourself.
Good thoughts attract good energy and vice versa.

This has to be my major 2017 realization,a lot of aspects in my life changed once I started believing in good things happening,I stopped giving power to any form of negativity that was thrown at me be it on social media or in person.
Let’s just say I cut off anything that was snuffing out the light in me.

I won’t lie It is hard to not think especially for me but I am taking baby steps towards change.Sure,It might take a while but I will eventually get there.

I don’t regard new year resolutions as much, this is partly because I don’t go through half the things I’ve set out to do (Lol) talk about having a spontaneous life where you just live tackling new things as they come.My life often feels like a Sherlock Holmes drama series (No Joke) where I am constantly solving/handling issues as they pop up…yep…just like a normal human being.
It’s okay to have resolutions,just make sure they’re realistic goals and can go hand in hand with your day to day activities otherwise you’ll be feeling all kind of pathetic once the year is done and you have absolutely ticked zilch goal off of ?your dream board.
This basically was my 2017 but I’m here smiling and not complaining,why ? It’s the positivity mindset that’s kind of holding everything together at the moment.

Anyways I am Hopeful this year I’ll get to fulfill all the goals I set InshaAllah while being a 100% positive.

So darlings I will leave you with this
“Your mindset is the centerpiece of your sanity”
So be kind and look for the positives in every situation whilst being grateful.

Thank you for stopping by,
And for sticking to it till the end, means a lot.
Kindly Leave your comment if you liked the article and share what you learned this year.

Ps-Don’t let them snuff out the light in you darling !


  1. I literally got no limits, the year has been tough yet a successful one.Had a balance of the good and bad,and yess Alhamdullilah for seeing it to the end.
    Remember I got no limits gal?,nothing can stop me?.Anyway thank you for this piece, it’s amazing.

  2. Amazing post darling. It’s all in our minds, the way we programm it. Thanks for mentioning it. Struggles make us stronger, they are part of the larger plan, to make us better, and stronger. May 2018 be a fruitful year to all of us.

  3. 2017 has been an interesting year,I?ve had amazing moments and moments that I felt like loosing my mind. That year has taught me vital life and business lessons that I?m sure will Affect 2018 positively.
    I realized in failure, we learn.

  4. Love it and it’s true if everybody knew the power of minds we wouldn’t think one day negative thing . We are the beginning of year the most important thing is setting goal and believing and put your trust Allah final be action taker toward your goal that’s the bottom line . Gad bless you all of you .

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