AsalamuAleykum loves? Hope y?all having a fantastic day.

2015 is almost over guys and that fact makes me nostalgic already, I am both excited and sad all at the same time?sad the year is nearly over and excited for 2016 with all the new things that comes with it.

Anyways 2015 has been a good year, actually let me rephrase that, its been a wonderful great year, Alhamdulillah, started my blog early this year and that, trust me took a very big leap of faith! I have been meaning to have a modest fashion blog since 2013,can you believe that? Don?t know what the hesitation was all about but i finally overcame it and here we are NOW! And am so grateful to each and everyone of you for the support. Seriously guys, thank you! I would have probably given up by now if it wasn?t for your constant reminder that i am actually doing something that?s of substance to you guys.

Having this platform to inspire??wonderful girls in the country and across the continent is such an honour for me and InshaAllah i hope I don?t disappoint any of you.

Without further a do, today on the blog i am featuring this flowery satin skirt i got from ForeverTrendy, an online store here in Nairobi, paired it with a tailored lacey top, an ash grey headscarf and a pair of flats summed up the whole look.






Hope your inspired with the look darlings.

Last but not least,?I pray next year comes with abundant blessings and new opportunities for each and everyone of us, Ameen.Make this coming ?year different by trying harder, praying more, not giving up and the most important of all Never Gambling with your creator.


Skirt :ForeverTrendy Boutique

Top : Tailored,


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