AsalamuAleikum and Hello darlings…

I’m hoping this month has been treating you well enough? The past few weeks have been crazy,running up and down,helping mama out and all.

I’m continuing with the cultural garb series I started a while back and In case you are not familiar with what I’m talking about or you’re a new subbie (Welcome to my humble aboard darling)

kindly check out my previous posts for better understanding.

Before I start talking about what I’ll be showcasing today, Let me be open with you guys, never have I ever tried quitting on something…Never…especially something that I’m passionate about.

This series right here has made me come out of my comfort zone in more ways than I could imagine ,more than two occasions I’ve thought of quitting it altogether but the constant motivation I get after every post is what keeps me grounded…I won’t tire from thanking you (my reader) for the overwhelming support I’ve received thus far,thank you!

Also this was kind of by far the hardest post I’ve come up with,the stress involved was too much,from the fabric being overly expensive to my tailor bailing out with half of the fabric,I’ll stop right there for this is an ‘entire’ rant for another day! Lol

Back to the post, I’ve always fancied Nigerian regalia and today on the post I’ve tried my best to come out as Nigerian as possible,hehe didn’t come out exactly as I anticipated but oh well I tried!

I decided to do a two piece i.e. A skirt and a top in order to achieve the ‘Nigerian look’.

I figured since almost all the Nigerian outfit I have seen has always had a peplum aspect in it,I went ahead and did exactly that!

Then accessorized it with a cute number I got from a friend of mine Joy balogun of @sunshinebalogun on Instagram.

And oh before I forget,what’s a Nigerian outfit without a Gele (headwrap) ? Uhm,close to nothing! So I made myself a Gele and I couldn’t be more pleased with myself…the outcome my people was this look right here!

I look so sophisticated with too much ‘Naira’ in my pocket…honestly speaking though,don’t I look like some sophisticated rich Nigerian Mama?

Leave down your comments if you liked this or got inspired by what you’ve seen.

Thanks for stopping by,Xoxo.

Love Nasra.


  1. Might be a late comment but forget what you anticipated, you look lovely ma??. Chei! See how you are giving Nigerians a run for their outfits. Nawao! Come see how these Nigerian culture be defined.

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