Eid Mubarrak
Wasssup guys,I’m sorry Matiang’i had to leave you guys( speaking to my friends from the other side) on this mini holiday of ours .
Man…It’s like being given candy that you clearly know you wanna have but you can’t have since you really have to decide whether the candy is really what you want or really what you need ?
(In this case the candy being the ‘off day’ ). Yea,you badly want the off day but what next ? Do you have a job next week ? Or will it be water under the bridge with your boss? Who knows ?
This is what most people call a conundrum,yea ?
It’s sad though I legit feel you guys.
Lord knows what I would have done if that happened to me !
I digress much

Anyways, It’s Eid guys,and I’m here literally having nothing to say other than wish you guys a blessed day filled with love,happiness and laughter to you and your families.
To my friends who couldn’t join us,I want you to know that we are in this together *winky
Pulled up this Eid look for you guys and I hope you love it. Took it with my niece a few days back and boy,was she all over the place? I’m even astonished we had a few pictures of her!
We set off for kinale forest where we took this ‘extra’ pictures…and now you are wondering where the hell Kinale is,I totally get you,that’s the exact same question I asked a few days back when the name came up. Long story short it’s between Nairobi and Naivasha and the place is nothing short of amazing !

On a side note – Kenya is one hell of a beautiful country,not saying this because I’m feeling all patriotic,I mean it! I literally can’t wait to explore it’s depths in the coming posts InshaAllah !
We took sooo many good pictures,sadly I can’t post them all lest it turns out to be a photo diary.

Eid Mubarrak darlings,enjoy this day to the max.
Love and Love
Photography by the amazing @mohabig on Instagram

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