Hello darlings ?
This Baati aka Dirac or “Dera” as most of the non Somalis call it sums up the Somali traditional series.
To be honest I didn’t think I could pull off this segment but all the messages I’ve received in regards to this series is overwhelmingly heartwarming and I’m uber grateful to any person who took time out of their busy schedule to just go through my posts and left positive comments ,shared or liked it be it on my social media handles or here on the blog, I sincerely thank you for believing in me and supporting me through all this.
Now before I start getting all emotional, lemme get on to this post.
Today on the post we are talking all things Baati/Dirac/Dera. Enter any Somali household and first thing they bring you is this outfit plus it’s shawl,(Haha) It’s like we all assume you are in dire need of it and you have to get out of the otherwise heavy clothes you’ve been wearing all day.I guess we just want our guests to feel more at ease and comfortable in the house and that’s just about it.

During the day, we basically use it to do our house chore errands,Come night the Baati becomes our “Pajamas” (Damn! I feel like I’m giving out our cultural secrets) is there something like cultural espionage out there? If there is then I’m guilty as charged.
On a serious note though nothing beats Baati as a pajama! Not even a onesie (Just saying)

Now that’s the secret’s out of the bag,I hope you guys learned a few things on Somali culture And that culture is not only an identity but a way of living.

Thanks guys for stopping by
Love and Love

Photography @mohabig on Instagram


  1. The Dirac is a free dress that Somalis use in the house. There are different materials for different occasions. The cotton type is commonly used at home and our friends from different cultures nowadays use it. It gives us freedom at home and its the best night gown compared to the silky night gowns. I give u thumbs up girl

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