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The Somali culture is by far one vast culture,it doesn’t just have one traditional attire but rather many different pieces,this is the second part of the Somali culture dubbed Bacweyn Dirac check out my previous post in case you missed out.



Bacweyn in its literal meaning is a “A wide piece of cloth”. The long, light, voile dress made of cotton or polyester fabric is worn over a brassiere and a gorgorad (This is the underskirt that is made out of silk and serves as a key part of the overall outfit).The dirac is usually sparkly and very colorful, the most popular styles being those with gilded borders and/or threads,a garbasaar (shawl) is then used as a head scarf.


It’s usually worn to weddings by guests ,the brides maids at times and in some instances though rare by the brides themselves.

This has become some what a fashion craze among even the Non-somalis who attend weddings,Its sleekness vibrates across any room leaving vibrancy in any dull hall…and that explains why the Dirac remains a most sought out wedding trend up to date.

In this post I’m showcasing this gold studded black and nude Dirac that I fell in love with the moment I set my eyes on it …I loved how subtle and classy it lay on the shelve waiting on Nasra to claim it,the gorgorad and the garbasaar is nude in color as well.

Topped it up with an amazing henna art by @shamim_heena_artist on Instagram and that pretty much summed the second Somali traditional look.

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Photo credits to @Mohabig
Henna art @shamim_heena_artist


  1. Looking adorably amazing MashaAllah. You mentioned the bac weyns is on a very rare ocassion worn by the brides themselves, well guess what? you should be among those brides to wear them on your wedding day In shaa Allah. Artistic.

  2. I like the fact that your embracing different cultures and for sure anything you dress in looks stunning Ma Sha Allah, please now do Borana and Ethiopian theme, I would like to see how you pull that out in Sha Allah,,
    Good job swry,,???

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