AsalamuAleikum Darlings,So I’m typing this while basking in the sun (had missed how the sun felt on my face ) sipping on some shaa “tea” somewhere in Mandera county, wearing a baati widely known as Dera and boy! does it feel so good in this humid weather.
Been a couple of days since I came back to my roots And so far so good Alhamdulillah.
I did miss this space of mine so I’m back with the traditional series as promised. Today we shall be focusing on my Somali roots,and truth be told I’ve never been so nervous about a post as this one.
Without further ado lemme introduce you to the Somali traditional garb commonly known as HIDI IYO DHAQAN and often worn by brides.
This attire is mostly classified into two types
A Guntiino – this is usually a long piece of cloth wrapped diagonally across the chest and drapes downwards,a belt can be used to emphasize on the waist(this is optional) and the second one which I’m showcasing in this post is a two piece cloth consisting of a Goono (a skirt) and a blouse.

The outfit isn’t complete without the brown,red,yellow stripped cloth known as Dacla (not sure if that’s the correct word or spelling) that represents the Somali tradition,this rectangular long piece of cloth is usually placed on the frontal part of the waist draping downwards and the other worn across the chest and tucked on the side with a safety pin or any other pin for that matter.

The Somali traditional regalia isn’t anything without its accessories. A beaded headpiece usually worn on the head,In this case I incorporated the beaded headpiece with the turban so as to add more pizzaz to the look, the long necklace (allow me to call it that since I’m not sure about the name) cuts across my chest to my waist and down my lower back,On my wrist is a similar beaded bangle as the necklace.

And finally,what is life without a pair of red heels?



Pretty much that summed up the whole look darlings.


Ps-The outfit normally comes without the head wrap and the turtleneck so In order to keep it modest I bought a white turtleneck top to cover my hands and neck and a garbasaar(shawl) that looks similar to the Dacla fabric and wrapped it as a turban.

Leave your comments down below if you liked this post,and thank you for stopping by darlings.

Photography by Mohabig
Shop the whole look from (0722 586 188)
Heels from @backyardshoez
Henna art from @shamim_henna_artist on Instagram


  1. Hi Nasriina, i luv what ur doing dear, simple n smrt MashaAllah i cnt always wait for notifications update about u thy luk gorgeous. Allow me to invite u to my coming wedding inshaallah.

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