DSC_0144Assalamualeykum Lovelies,

Excited its february that means my born day is around the corner people😉…moving on swiftly,today i am showcasing my sisters’ design,she is the brain behind the camera and behind this amazing dress🙂

Yes you can say designing runs in the family,haha so this piece right here is her creation.
Forgive my story telling nature but i need to let you in on this,So this lacey dress was created mid last year by Benazir.
She is usually cautious and never likes experimenting on different fabrics,lol,i on the contrary wear anything and everything and sometimes that scares the s***t outta me.So before she decided on the Lacey,she needed my view on it and i was downright skeptical.First because the design she was explaining looked rather complicated and i never thought any one could pull it off right and secondly i thought it would seem rather indecent for our #ModestyMovementKe blueprint,but again i was extremely proud of her,she was finally breaking outta her occasional norm,.So the risk taking kicked in,we bought the fabric but doubts again set in,i remember the fabric staying with us for close to three months before it was made,LOL,and we jointly decided not to have high hopes on it lest it crushes our expectations.Two days later it was ready,and guess what people? I couldn’t believe how gorgeous it looked especially on her and its right there and then that i decided this creation had to be BLOGGED and DOCUMENTED.

The dress is all laced up with a cute embroidered band attached to it on the waist that acts as belt cum bow in case you interested in tying it,personally i did not see the need,why because i can be one lazy daughter of a woman when i decide to and i really didn’t feel like thinking a lot😂😂😂.Paired the look with an off white scarf and a pair of this adorable heels to complete the look.Simple covered elegance you can call it;).











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Love and Love

Scarf :Eastleigh
Dress custom made: #iammyowndesign
Shoes :Backyard shoes

Jewellery:?Gabriel Modest

Photography:Benazir Nuralain


  1. Wow too beautiful and super unique… and Missy Photographer is on point.
    Keep going…you’re doing so well and I’m so proud of you.

  2. mashaAllah my sister looking great nd am much inspired by yor looks coz they are very elegant!!
    as always yor my role model sister!! love yah!

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