It?s Eid people and there is no feeling that can explain the feeling you get during this time, The feeling of looking all glammed up, wearing new clothes or your best ?Sunday outfit? .Trust me that feeling is out of this world coupled by the joint Eid prayer that?s like the icing on the cake . Not forgetting all the charity work that happens on this day, of course we should help the less fortunate everyday but on this day its a given. You need to make everybody happy and make sure they enjoy this festive day as much as you have enjoyed yours.

So for this post we decided to go down memory lane when our beloved mama would style us?the same.Yaaaaasssss!.We made this look feel both casual and classy { By we, I mean my sister and I, who happens to be my photographer by the way}.The fabric came in black and navy blue{Trust me both colors were crazily gorgeous} but we had to choose one,and?we both couldn?t forego black.

Although the dress was similar we made sure the design was slightly different , Mine was with a round neck and my sister decided to go with a turtle neck that way you can style it with a turban or not, depending on ur mood. We both paired the look with a black scarf, lets face it black on black is always chic.

JJR_0970 JJR_0925 JJR_0953 JJR_0935 MAG_6892 JJR_0968 JJR_0928

JJR_0948JJR_0944Thank you for stepping by and be sure to leave your thoughts and subscribe below.

love and love

Both: Dress designed by me

Scarf: From East Leigh

Accessories :Dubois Road

Shoes: Backyard

Photography by Patric Pato

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