my otherwise black abaya, many of you know it as Buibui; I wore this cute navy blue tailor made peplum on top of my abaya and it just looked incredible, paired it with my recent favorite pair of white Ngomas and confidence just crept in, and all this explains my title, am planning to have many of these in my wardrobe *laughs, yea that?s just me, I like something, I go get three of the same thing.Anyways, I hope I inspired you in a way with this.

PS: The peplum looks kind of big for me but that?s how I like, I love baggy stuff for me and for my ideals.*wink
Abaya/Buibui: Old
Navy blue scarf: Old
Peplum: Tailored
White Ngomas: Bata.
Lots of love hunnies and be sure to subscribe and give your comments down below.
///xoxo and thank you for stopping by.

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