Hello there guys,welcome to my very fist blog post.Today on the blog am rocking my very own custom made navy blue dress,its simple yet so elegant and am totally in love with it.The modesty is seen as it cover all the right places* if you know what i mean

The dress is subtle in colour and has white flowery patches that gives an impression that white paint has been splattered all over the dress, its this uniqueness that drew me to this particular fabric and i don?t and probably will never ever regret purchasing it and i guess you all agree with me

I added two side pockets to give it more comfortable feel.I have to confess i have a thing for pockets nowdays and am afraid i can even add pockets to all my abayas(buibui?s). To finish this look i wore a pair of red heels to add some pop of colour.








Thank you for dropping by and i hope you all enjoyed. Don?t forget to subscribe so as to follow my journey in the modest fashion world enjoy the rest of your week

{photography by : Benazir Adow}

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