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Hey love?s today i decided to let you in on my daily routine wear .This will be kind of a short blogpost. But my main point when tackling my daily errands is to be very comfortable and modest ofcourse .I mostly pair this look with flats or a short heel..So I paired this abaya with […]


Hello darlings, Yes it?s been ages since my last update and am really sorry for that, something serious came up and I just had to drop everything else and concentrate on that particular issue first, glad I have sort it out though and hopefully I won?t disappear on you guys again *kisses So for this […]


my otherwise black abaya, many of you know it as Buibui; I wore this cute navy blue tailor made peplum on top of my abaya and it just looked incredible, paired it with my recent favorite pair of white Ngomas and confidence just crept in, and all this explains my title, am planning to have […]


Who said you can?t rock a long high waist leather skirt and still look amaaazing in it? bet ,we can all agree and call that person a ?bigfatlier?*wink. So on this not so predictable weather, I paired this black lacey top with a tailored high waist leather skirt and the result was beyond fantastic! Add […]


Hello darlings, so today on the blog I decided to wear denniiiimmm! God, wish you all knew how much I have been dreaming of having a nice modest denim look. So one day,am just walking by looking for a nice fabric for my next outfit and behold! I see this beautiful sky blue linen fabric […]


Hello there guys,welcome to my very fist blog post.Today on the blog am rocking my very own custom made navy blue dress,its simple yet so elegant and am totally in love with it.The modesty is seen as it cover all the right places* if you know what i mean The dress is subtle in colour […]


Asalamualeykum lovelies?Hope your tuesday is coming along well. Today?s outfit post consists of these gorgeous combo that i made exactly one year ago.A little history may suffice i guess,the first time i saw this coral fabric sometime late last year i got mixed signals didn?t know if what i had in mind will come out […]


AsalamuAleykum loves? Hope y?all having a fantastic day. 2015 is almost over guys and that fact makes me nostalgic already, I am both excited and sad all at the same time?sad the year is nearly over and excited for 2016 with all the new things that comes with it. Anyways 2015 has been a good […]