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Assalamualeykum Lovelies, Excited its february that means my born day is around the corner people😉…moving on swiftly,today i am showcasing my sisters’ design,she is the brain behind the camera and behind this amazing dress🙂 Yes you can say designing runs in the family,haha so this piece right here is her creation. Forgive my story telling […]


Salaam dolls,hope y’all having fantastic 2016. Yaay great news darlings,i got my own domain now Alhamdulillah,You can now subscribe to my page without asking questions like oh,i cannot see the subscription button or Nas,how do i do it? its simple guys just place your Email address in the subscription box and Voilaa!its done.I guess its […]


Hey darlings, what?s up? Hope y?all good and kicking this thing called life pretty hard lol as for me i have been under the weather lately but? decided not to let it defeat the ?Mighty Nasra? hahaha did you see the irony in that statement! If you haven?t then you are probably my sweet follower […]


Its Movember guys, wait a minute, i love this term Movember for November.. i guess its ?cause it involves Men and Beard LOL anyways this month is moving like no other and for my men followers Movember means healthy november for you so please go check yourselves up *winky that way you wont sulk that […]


It?s Eid people and there is no feeling that can explain the feeling you get during this time, The feeling of looking all glammed up, wearing new clothes or your best ?Sunday outfit? .Trust me that feeling is out of this world coupled by the joint Eid prayer that?s like the icing on the cake […]


Hey love?s today i decided to let you in on my daily routine wear .This will be kind of a short blogpost. But my main point when tackling my daily errands is to be very comfortable and modest ofcourse .I mostly pair this look with flats or a short heel..So I paired this abaya with […]


Hello darlings, Yes it?s been ages since my last update and am really sorry for that, something serious came up and I just had to drop everything else and concentrate on that particular issue first, glad I have sort it out though and hopefully I won?t disappear on you guys again *kisses So for this […]


my otherwise black abaya, many of you know it as Buibui; I wore this cute navy blue tailor made peplum on top of my abaya and it just looked incredible, paired it with my recent favorite pair of white Ngomas and confidence just crept in, and all this explains my title, am planning to have […]